Monday, July 21, 2014

The Beachy Rosemary Mystery

Yesterday, we made our way
 to the cove of Paleokastro, (Old Castle), 
for our first salty swim of the season.

Sailboats, floating on a splashy
 surface of sparkling waves,

glided past cliffy coastlines, signed by
stiff, sunburnt branches,

and rough and rocky shores, where aromatic rosemary
 seasoned the breeze with savoury/sweet bouquets.

The Venetian Fortress of Paleokastro of Malevizio, 1573

 I wonder, could this fragrant herb have been
 planted by palace proprietors, or the castle's cooks,


  who braved the descent down to the pebbly beach
   to snip the leaves for rich ragouts and scented brews?

One thing's for sure: 
the corns and calluses
 of the castle's culinary crew 
must have been
 pampered and pumiced
 with a weekly, pedicure!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

My Shabby Chic Chair Affair

Our deck chairs, after too much sun, rain, wind, and wear.

I am not your typical shabby chic kinda chick,


although I do appreciate a little scruffiness

Newly sanded, awaiting the next step.

here and there, in a finely 
chiseled table or a charming chair.

Primed and prepped.

When pressed, I will admit
 to an affinity for the distressed.

  But, I bet that even die-hard fans of this deco
trend would probably agree that this patina is

way too weathered - even for their time-worn tastes!

 Don't let the floral frou frou fool you -

'Next!' Chairs cue up for a shabby to chic technique.

it was definitely time for a tune-up!

Freshly painted in a soft sheen of aquamarine,

their cool, blue hue, was the 
direct result of a colour crush

 on this good looking gate. Remember those words
of devotion I uttered when I first gazed upon it?

''...Quiet and unassuming, (it) spoke to me
in whispery tones, just loud enough to become 
a lovely inspiration for a future patio project, 
(to be posted soon), in my own garden.''

I kept my promise.

And that calls for a toast:
'To the shabby and the worn:
do not fret - for, you too,
 one day shall be reborn!'

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and happy weekend!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grapevine Green and Mosaic Aquamarine

Sitting directly under the maple in the front garden
this morning, its leaves dangerously dry from wicked
wind storms and an absence of rain, it still looked 
pretty, shining radiantly in the clear blue sky.

It got me thinking about all the greenery 
that we've planted on our property, 

and how I've neglected to give that necessary 
nod of appreciation to all the members of its clan,


which continuously keep us cool and calm, protecting 
us in freshness and shade, when the sun gets miffed and

 moody, and in its madness, melts mere mortals
 in minutes, who dare to stare it in the face!

 Right outside our walls, lies a hilly
 field of olive groves, to the north,

and a gorgeous grapevine to the east,

that is presently growing the roundest,
 most robust, little juicy jewels you can imagine!

Now, twisting through a trecherous trail 
of tall, spiky, grass skewers 

will eventually lead you to the coast,
 (albeit, with scratchy, red knees).
Pomegranates take centre stage in the fall.

Or, you could leave the tricky leg work for
 another day, to admire the sea from afar,

and instead, dip your dainty toes into ripples
 of cool that are right at your fingertips!

Thanks for visiting everyone,
and have a wonderful week!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adorable Annuals

Early this morning, I found the cutie patooties 
on my patio cuddled together trying to shade each
  other from the scorching heat of the Mediterranean sun.

 Shutters closed, doors locked, and windows sealed, only
 the bravest of beauties confront the blazing, torrid temps.

Portulaca, thriving, since last seen here

 Thankful for refreshing sea views and some shelter
from the eaves trough, the colourful, boxed ones are
  cooler, and thus, more courageous, hanging out on 
the balcony and the terrace, above.

Empty pots, piled on the front lawn, 
await new inhabitants, but the very bright
spot deters those who cannot tolerate full sun.

 Close to amenities, however, (a direct pathway to the
 pool, and just steps away from the main water supply),


new tenants were tracked down, and a lease was
signed, (just for the season, of course!).

 Because, in the end, 

whether you're a cutie patootie,

or an adorable, precious kitty,

'made in the shade',

basically comes down to
location, location, location!

Thanks for visiting,
and happy weekend!

P.S. Was away for a few days;
will visit you all tonight!