Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We were warned.
It was coming,
even though
 the temps had warmed.
And thus, a legitimate reason 
to be further scorned.

Still, some scoffed at the forecast
 on the six o'clock news, the night before, 
declaring a spring debut of 2 to 4 inches,
 along with freezing rain.

Guess it was just a tad too much 
for the human brain
to tolerate yet another sprinkling 
of the cold, white stuff.
It was spring, after all -
we'd had more than enough!

As I recount this little tale of unwelcome snow,
The flurries floating outside the living room window,

will sooner or later, fall to the ground,
forming fluffy, puffy pillows
to muffle, mute and baffle
spring's sweet and chirpy sounds!

Forget the chocolate Easter bunnies.
Any candy canes in the cupboard?


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Across the Sea for Afternoon Tea

Yesterday afternoon, in a little tea room, just north of Toronto, 
I had the pleasure of getting to know three lovely ladies whom I had
 visited on several occasions, but had never actually met. 
A curious set of circumstances, wouldn't you say?

Funnily enough, we'd been to each other's homes, 
toured one another's gardens, and even journeyed 
to faraway places together, yet our paths had never crossed.

Cyberspace Airways is good like that.
 Automatic pilot for the armchair traveller.

From left: Karen, (My Little Home & Garden), Judith, (Lavender Cottage), me, and Jennifer, (A Garden of Threads)

So, on a blustery, but bright, April day,
we bypassed the line up of cliché  cafes,
for Victorian treats and blended bouquets,
of jasmine, lavender and some fragrant Earl Grey.

We chatted and giggled and not surprisingly, talked shop.
And on the subject of Google, swapped stories, non-stop!

We even formed our own cozy quartet,
humming harmonies about hashtags,
and forgotten passwords being reset!

Bonding via Blogger in a tiny tea house on Main Street,
my cup is full of memories of a sweet 'Meet & Greet'!

 Until next time,
I'd like to thank Jennifer, Judith, and Karen,
for a fun and fabulous Afternoon Tea!
 It was a pleasure meeting you in person,
- for real, and not just virtually!

 'Red Boat with Blue Sails', Odilon Redon

Also, thanks to the Old Curiosity Tea Shop for 
a wonderful afternoon.

Have you met up with any of your blogging friends?

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tea and Curiosity: An Invitation

'High Tea', Denise Daffara

Have you ever been curious about what all your bosom blogger buddies are like in person? When reading their posts and comments, can you connect a personality to them? Do you hear their voices, each one different, but part of a unique collection of like-minded friends,
 who share the same ideas, life styles and passions with you?

'Afternoon Tea with Lilies', Natalie Singh

This coming May, Poppy View will celebrate its second year in the blogosphere, and in that time, I've had the pleasure of 'meeting' 
many sweet and talented people across the globe, some of 
whom reside in the Greater Toronto Area, and who I've
 been wanting to meet in person, but had not been able to, 
due to the deterrent of distance.  UNTIL NOW.

The Old Curiosity Tea Shop, photo:

For those of you who live in the GTA, 
I'd love to see your real time smile,
 free, from its freeze framed profile pic,
  a smile now warming, after winter's wacky schtick!
 So, how about a cozy, traditional, Afternoon Tea?
Your presence would make me smile most happily!

Please RSVP in the comments,
 as the Old Curiosity Tea Shop requires 3 days notice, and
is closed on Monday, which means I would have to
reserve by this Saturday, April 5th, 2014.

Thanks for visiting
 and hope to see you soon!

P.S.: Still can't access GFC, to follow new followers! Thinking that it is
 due to my Greek domain not allowing it here in Canada, although 
many of you have complained about the same problem.
 Looks like I might have to wait until I return to Crete.

After being locked out for almost a month,
Google finally gave me the cyber keys to GFC, 
so am now happily following all of my 
new followers! YAY!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Turning 50 in Toronto

Hi everyone,
It's true: I'm half a century old!

I turned 50 on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014,

and interestingly, I share a birthday with The Royal Ontario Museum, which celebrated its 100th anniversary that day.
Hmm...Feeling a little like an artifact, myself!

I am very lucky to have spent the day with Liberty, 
my parents, my siblings and their families.

Some of you may remember how homesick
I was during the Christmas holidays.

Needless to say, being home for this milestone occasion
made it extra special and I feel very blessed.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S.: Will visit you all very soon, promise!
P.P.S.: A very big welcome 
to my new followers, and a favour:
After several stressful attempts,
it seems that Google is not letting me
 access GFC to follow you back. 
I wonder: could it be because I am
 not connected to my laptop?

Is anyone else experiencing this Google glitch?
In any case, I promise to do so when I return to Crete,
-unless anyone has a solution to this sneaky snag!
Until then, thanks for understanding!

Monday, March 17, 2014

PR: A Dude in Demand

 Lately, Prince Richard, our ravishing, resident cat, has 
been the source of some spicy, internet intrigue! PR is single, relatively quiet and low maintenance, if he's properly fed,
 playfully pampered and sufficiently sheltered.

Now, I may be biased, but I have to say, this feline fella 
is handsome, rugged, and charmingly mysterious.


 Most days, when he is not dozing off for the dozenth time, PR can be spotted sitting silently in one of his many designated spots,
 soaking in the sun, supposedly deep in thought.

Nights, are another story; we have no idea where he disappears to, whom he sees, and what he does. He is your typical tomcat
 bachelor, and from what I hear, (according to him), quite
 sought after by countless kitties, who, (and I quote),
 'cannot resist his debonair demenour'.

 One day, snuggled in his favourite chair and staring at the
 sky above, day dreaming about the details of dinner,

 PR thought he'd heard a rustling in the row of bushes behind him.   
 He immediately shifted into spy mode and started his stakeout.

Within seconds, he realized that he was being stalked by a sultry, yellow eyed female, who had slithered her way into his territory,
 finally coming face to face with her target.

It wasn't long before this femme fatale had PR wrapped around
 her little finger, (not to mention her furry bod), catering to her
 every whim, sudden cravings and diva demands!

It goes without saying, that the manipulative Ms. Meow
 had made a pauper out of this prince, as he spent every
 waking hour fulfilling her wishes, causing him to
 collapse from exhaustion, early on. There was no doubt: 
this dude was in dire straits.

Enter Kanga: a sweet, gentle gal from across the pond. Pretty, 
pleasant and petite, she is a breath of fresh air, compared 
to the stuffy conditions in which Ms. Meow circulates.
 She first fell for PR after seeing his picture posted on
 this blog, and since then, their selfies have been the 
source of their romantic correspondence, each cyber snap
 securing  their loyalty to each other until the day they meet.

Of course, like all love stories, this one is not without its  complications; namely, Kanga is not willing to relocate, nor 
is her mommy ready to part with her - perfectly understandable,
 given how utterly adorable and precious she is!


Thus, poor PR seems doomed to distress, and until his own mommy returns from Canada, he can only hope that she brings him a special souvenir: his alluring, American sweetheart - in the flesh! But, until then, it's back to the trenches for this silently suffering, love-struck cat.

And the story continues...

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PS: Hope to visit all of you soon! After an 8 hour delay in Munich, we finally landed in Toronto, having spent 14 hours on 3 planes, 8 hours in 3 airports, and countless more, jet lagged, with no end in sight!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fellow Dweller

When we first moved into our new home, here in the village, we quickly took notice of the quirky habits of our fellow dwellers. 

 In particular, we discovered that the sun, (an early riser), 
likes to sit and settle on our front doorstep every morning.

 It lingers there for hours, before feeling motivated to
slowly meander its way around the rest of the house.

Every day, minutes after its debut, we are gently awakened by its 
soft, a.m. light. Outside, it playfully paints patterns on porcelain tiles,

while weaving through iron railings, like a restless toddler in his crib, eager to escape and explore the collection of curiosities around him. 

 Wherever you are, I hope that today, you, too, were roused from 
a restful sleep, by the light touch of soothing sunlight on your cheek.

A big welcome to my new followers 
and happy hellos to everyone!
Thanks for visiting and have a lovely week!


All images: Poppy View

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