Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brushstokes in Bali

Recently, I visited the seaside settlement of Bali, Crete, although, judging from the image above, one would think 
I had spent my days floating on a cushion of clouds, 
rather than bobbing on wavy pillows in the sea.

Can you spot the dab of a sailboat on the
 canvas of dreamy blues in the distance? 

A whisper of white, it silently floats, to and fro, 
creating just a sliver of contrast against
 the palette of marine toned hues.

From afar, it seemed that a pack of gigantic sea monsters, were keeping the little boat at bay, the latter, fearful of anchoring at the ghost town the brutes had created earlier.

 As we headed inland, I wondered how long it could linger there, cradled in the wavy safety of the sea.

Then, pausing to take one last look, I was startled to discover, that the hazy horizon was suddenly, and puzzlingly, sailboat free.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Tricoloured Trio


Yesterday, while splashing about in the pool, 
swimming lap after lap, in order to stay cool,

 I noticed a symphony of yellows, greens and blues,
around the surrounding stage that is my garden.

  Luminous, the lantana, like lyric sopranos,
dotted the scene in sharp staccatos, 
while the pale, periwinkle blue plumbago, 
mimicking a low profile, rather quiet alto,
hid behind little canopies of green.

  Cypresses, crowned in tones of gold,
 bookmarked the blues up in the sky,
and as the maestros of this lullaby,
conducted the clouds to descrescendo.

With the puffy masses in pianissimo,
the yellow, green, and blue trio
speckled the countryside
 in complementary hues,
in a melodic melting pot of solos. 

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P.S. My cousin from Canada is visiting, 
and we will be away until the 17th. I look
forward to visiting you all when we return!

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Garden Gossip

 Today, the Tecoma Capensis, or Cape honeysuckle,
almost had a temper tantrum, claiming that I had not
properly acknowledged its presence, since it arrived more
  than a week ago. Hence, the close up of its 'good' side. 

 It huffed and puffed that, while it was 'on leave', it had
heard through the grapevine that, despite the maple's 
burnt leaves, the tarnished tree was the most
 photographed subject this past summer -

even more than the ravishing red verbena, (horrors!),
 whose petals, it professed, were surely pure perfection!

 Of course, being the designated photographer
of these garden roomies, this was completely untrue.

The green with envy grapevine, hiding in the huddle.

Hmm. I needed to get to the bottom of this, so
off I went to the aforementioned grapevine, 
which miraculously, always seems to have
 the latest scoop on this gullible garden group!

I wasn't surprised, (or convinced),
 when the conniving vine
 tried to pin the whole thing
 on the Goldcrest cypresses!
Its motive? Jealousy: 
for being evergreens,
 and getting to hang out with the
 herbs, and the flowers and the grass,
 rain or shine, unlike the vine, 
that runs out of time,
 deprived of that precious,
 all season pass.

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and happy weekend!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

To Market, To Market

To market, to market
To buy farm fresh goods,

 Home again, home again,
To play with the food!

This summer, our garden granted us with plenty of
   veggies, in many different varieties. From zesty
  tomatoes, cool cukes, and an abundance of zucchini,


 to sweet cooking onions, the last of which were
 harvested a few days ago, braided, and left outside to dry.

A few weeks leading up to their harvest, their leaves
 were picked upon demand, to be featured in salads, 
 tarts, fricassée, (a lovely, lemony, Greek version),

 and of course, bouquets for this blogger's styling fix!

Plans for the winter shift are already in progress,

 and include spinach, romaine lettuce, collard greens,
and leeks, all rich in antioxidants and a host of vitamins!

But, until then, our local farmers continue
 to provide us with fresh, seasonal fare.

 Versatile, these summer starlets take direction well.
 So, until you decide their fate of whether to bake, puree, 
 boil or sauté, why not have some fun first, and simply play?!

Promise to visit you all soon;
it's been a busy weekend! 
Thanks for visiting and
have a wonderful week!

Friday, August 29, 2014

On Marshmallow Clouds

A bundle of blooms,
cruise a pool of cool hues,
petals fragrant and floating,
like tiny perfumed balloons.

If I could wing with the wind,
and on marshmallow clouds,
catch my breath as I sit,

I'd marvel at my majestic
   bird's eye view visit.

But the sea beckons me 
to dip into its depths,
so I jump off my cloud,
as I take one big breath,
then, drift on the water,
like the petals in bloom. 

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and happy weekend!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Poolside Pastimes

Under a canopy of
  autumn toned leaves,
a shady, summertime spot,
 I plant myself daily
with my favourite anthology
and plenty of good food for thought.

I am poolside.
Propped up near my pretties,

and not far from the feline
that likes to flirt with the lens,

a pastime of his own,
 for which he is well-known,


 and one he can even do in his sleep!

But I digress.
So, back to my maple, 
my umbrella of